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Q.  How do you dry pets?

A.  We have never used forced heat dryers and never will.   Drying with circulated cool air takes some extra time but is far safer.

Q:  How does the  scheduling  work at Furry Friends?  

A:  We schedule appointments in am and pm segments.  Most services take two to three hours but we may need to keep your pet longer for flea treatments , excessive matting or undercoat  removal, or if an aged or anxious pet needs more time. 

Q:  Do you start grooming my pet as early as 7:30 am on weekdays if we check in early?

A.  Our 7:30 am check in time on weekdays is for the convenience of customers who need to get to work.  We start grooming services at 9:00 am.   Your  pet is attended to and is given water and taken out for potty breaks if time in the kennel is lengthy.  

Q:  Are appointments needed for nail trimming or anal gland expression? 

A:  You can walk in for those services without an appointment. 

Q: What does a treatment for fleas entail? 

A:  Pets are no longer treated with toxic pesticide dips to kill fleas.  We use a botanical shampoo with neem oil as the active agent.  Fleas are very resistant to most pesticides and if you have a large infestation, your pet may spend a good part of the day with us.